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People with special needs benefit from service dogs. These animals have been taught to provide full-time assistance and happiness to those who need it the most. Agnes and Baskin, two service dogs, are prime examples.

These two gorgeous service dogs have only recently begun their journey of providing humans with comfort and joy. They just had finished their very first week of duty at the Medical University of South Carolina Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital.

In collaboration with the Dunkin Joy In Childhood Foundation, a program called Dogs For Joy provides service dogs in hospitals. These service dogs are well-trained and they provide an endless amount of love and support to sick children, their families, and even hospital staff.

In their one week at the hospital, Agnes and Baskin have been bringing nonstop joy and positivity. They get along quite well with the personnel and the patients.

In times of difficult medical crises, both service dogs are always ready to provide comfort. So it’s no surprise that they’re both excellent in their jobs. They assist hospital workers in coping with stress and provide companionship to families concerned about their children’s health. It’s reasonable to say that these two lovely service dogs have made an impression on everyone they meet at work.

Agnes and Baskin are capable of not only expressing love but also assisting children during medical procedures and teaching them how to take their medications. They often give scared children cuddles and even go to work dressed up in medical gowns.

For most of us, going to the hospital is a stressful experience. Everything improves with the help of these two cute service dogs. They have that ability to instantly and simply transform a frightening setting into a caring and healing environment for recovery.

Dogs For Joy and several such programs demonstrate the need for service dogs in hospitals. Agnes and Baskin are examples of service dogs who bring comfort and make things a bit less frightening.

Source: Dunkin’ Joy In Childhood Foundation


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