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Monty and Rosie are cockapoo siblings who were separated after adoption. They were reunited after inadvertently meeting in the United Kingdom one day.

A man named David owns one-year-old Monty the cockapoo, and they were out walking in Aycliffe, County Durham. He observed another cockapoo being walked by another dog owner. When they crossed paths, both canines immediately put their paws around each other as if hugging.

Both dog owners captured the magical event on camera. They began to converse and discovered that their dogs were from the same litter.

The other dog owner, Susan Kilip, claimed that she and her husband Lee were out walking their dog, Rosie, when they ran across David and Monty. Both dogs jumped up and hugged each other. She went on to say how shocked she was that they remembered each other after ten months apart.

Both puppies were born at Bishop Middleham on June 30, 2019. There were six puppies in the litter. Rosie and Monty were always the closest of the siblings.

Susan said that they chose Rosie when she was only a puppy. Jean, David’s wife, also chose a puppy, that is now known as Monty.

Because of their loving pets, the two families remained in contact. Due to a scheduled holiday trip for Susan and Lee, Jean even took care of Rosie for two weeks in September. Both dogs spent some quality time together and had a great time. Susan picked Rosie up after their vacation, and the dogs were separated for roughly three weeks.

Susan stated that Monty and Rosie will reunite once more. According to her, they will reunite when the government allows them to see people again during the pandemic.

The dogs’ first birthday is approaching, and both families want Monty and Rosie to enjoy it together and have fun once more.

Source: Susan Killip


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