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In this modern world, dogs are no longer considered to be just any animal. Instead, they are regarded as family members. To be more precise, we consider them to be our children. And as our furry little children, we do everything possible to ensure their happiness.

Obviously, youngsters will always like to play with their peers. And in the case of these two canines named Shadow and Luna, it was definitely just what they wanted.

These puppies are owned by two different humans, but they share the same floor in an apartment complex. Shadow and Luna play for a couple of hours every night at Shadow’s mother’s apartment.

Shadow was shown in a clip preparing to knock on Luna’s door so that they may play together. As soon as her mother opened the door to their apartment, Shadow hurried to the opposite end of the corridor, where Luna and her father live.

Shadow waited patiently until the door opened, at which point Luna emerged. The two canine best buddies exchanged a kiss before running back to Shadow’s mother’s apartment. They were so eager to play that one of them accidentally stomped on Shadow’s mother’s foot.

The two continued to run about in the apartment once they were inside, as if they were in a dog park. And they definitely do this routine each and every night! These dogs are fortunate that their owners let them play every night. If it makes both dogs happy, there is definitely no reason for this to stop.

In another video, Luna shows their bedtime ritual. It turns out that whenever it is time to play, Luna is waiting at the door for her furry friend. As soon as she detects Shadow’s scent, Luna would open the door and greets him with a broad grin.


Literally the best of friends. Behind the scenes of lupas POV as requested 😂 #fyp #dogsofttiktok #adoptdontshop #puppy #neighbors #bestfriends

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