A Texas couple, Jared Owens and his wife, Kristi, were excited to hop on the plane and have a bit of some fun time together in Las Vegas. They packed their clothes and everything they needed although sadly, their beloved chihuahua named Icky wouldn’t be able to come with them. And that was the reality for fur parents that you can’t bring your pet with you just anywhere.

But Icky wasn’t just about to let them have their fun all by themselves though the couple didn’t know that.

So they went to Lubbock Airport for their flight but when it was time to weigh their luggage, they discovered that it was five and a half pounds overweight. The couple quickly opened their luggage, thinking about how to rearrange their stuff so that it would qualify for their check-in. To their surprise, they found something, or actually someone, that shouldn’t be there.

It was their chihuahua Icky coming out from one of Kristi’s boots with her head bopping up. The couple couldn’t believe how they missed her while packing. But to be fair, Icky is also quite the burrower and since she is very small, she likes to fit herself into things like clothes and now suitcases. Although it’s also safe to say that Icky didn’t want to be left alone.

Thankfully, Cathy Cook, the Southwest Airlines employee who made the discovery, offered to look after Icky as the couple had to go and board their flight soon. Luckily, the couple had family nearby so they were able to take Icky home safe and sound.

The Owens were definitely grateful that the luggage turned out overweight and they were able to discover Icky before the flight. And lesson learned for them as well to double-check their suitcases before they leave and make sure no little burrower made their way inside.

Source: Facebook via Jared Owens


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