Think your dog grows quickly? Compare your dog’s growth journey with this St. Bernard’s growth and see if your initial take on your dog’s growth stays the same. St. Bernards can weigh as much as 200 pounds as adults, making them one of the largest dogs in the world.

They don’t just grow big—they grow fast. A St. Bernard puppy can gain up to 5 pounds per week during puberty, and this puppy named Hercules sure did.

Hercules joined his adoptive family at two weeks old. Even as a puppy, he was already bigger than the rest of the dogs his age in his neighborhood. Fortunately, his family was prepared for a big dog and was excited to see just how large he would grow.

Here’s a little practical size comparison to help you visualize a St. Bernards’s growth. At six weeks old, they typically weigh as much as an adult Chihuahua!

Hercules hit this weight milestone at four weeks old. By eight weeks, he was already as big as a regular adult dog! Fortunately for Hercule’s owners, St. Bernards aren’t high-energy dogs. They like enjoying things in a slow-paced manner.

Hercules may be a giant, but he doesn’t zoom around and create chaos. So despite his large size,  he wasn’t a problem for his family.

This dog is now a little over a year old and growing bigger. Hercules currently stands taller on his hind legs than his human dad, so we can only imagine how big he’s gonna get!

Hercules is still growing and is expected to reach his full adult weight in the next few months. His family says they can’t wait to see him in his fully-grown glory.

If you’re thinking of adopting a St. Bernard, be prepared to handle the insane growth spurt. You can do it!

Credits to Viral Animal Tales via YouTube


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