A man in South Korea acquired six English Bulldog puppies. Because of their number and their playfulness, he emptied his stockroom and made it into their home. He also stored their food and other stuff for the dogs inside the room.

At first, he built a small playpen to keep the puppies together. But as they grew larger, he removed the playpen and assembled two cages to separate the males from the females. The cages have steel doors closed by a bolt lock.

The owner underestimated his dogs’ abilities

The dogs were playful and often hungry. The owner had to keep the food on shelves and tables to keep his dogs from eating their food supply. The owner tries his best to control these highly active animals.

As young adults, the bulldogs gained weight and could easily push things around in the room. Sometimes when the owner prepared food on a table and had to leave the room for a while. When he got back, he saw a wooden box near the table.

The dogs used the box as a step to reach the bowl of food. The owner doesn’t know which of his dogs did it. His dogs began to show signs of intelligence.

The dogs’ learn to use things to their advantage

Sometimes, the dogs’ playfulness can lead to a brawl between themselves. The owner had to lock them in different cages to break up or prevent a fight. However, every time the owner returns to the room, the dogs run freely and greeted him as he opened the door.

The owner placed a camera inside the room and focused on the doors of the cages. He locked the cages after segregating the dogs and left the room. Later the day, he heard loud noises from the dogs’ room.

Amazingly, the dogs were again out of their cages and running around their room. The owner viewed the recorded video to see what happened. He was surprised to see one of the male dogs use its head to unlock the bolt and freed its siblings.

The dogs must have observed him whenever he locks and unlocks the cage doors. The owner felt so proud to have such smart dogs.

Watch the amazing story in the video below.

Source: SBS TV via Youtube.


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