For 26 years, Jermaine Jackson would wake up early in the morning and report to his job as a waste management employee in Richmond, Virginia. While most people wouldn’t want to do his work, the kind dog owner says he loves what he does and wouldn’t look for any other job.

He also said he had seen many weird and strange things that people throw away. Some are hilarious, while others are spooky. But what he found recently shocked him like nothing before.

Seconds from getting crushed

One early rainy Friday morning, Jermaine was on his regular route and was about to load the contents of a dumpster inside his truck. He got the bin hooked up and opened the lid. To his surprise, a sad and lonely pit bull was inside, looking straight at him.

Jermaine realized that the dog would have been crushed inside his truck, along with the trash, if he didn’t see him. He immediately lowered the dumpster and took the dog out. As soon as the pooch was out and on the floor, she started wagging her tail.

The kind man called animal control right away, but the office was still closed. He had to get going, or he would get in trouble with his company. So he made the dog a makeshift shelter and then left. He planned to call animal control again when they opened and report what happened.

Start of a new life

As it turned out, the dog found help on her own. The dog wandered around and wound up on the porch of a nearby resident. The woman felt sad for the poor pooch and gave him some water and food. She also wrapped the pit bull in dry blankets as she was wet and cold.

Soon animal control officers were at her house and took the dog to the local shelter. They will keep the dog until they find a suitable home for her.

Source: WTVR CBS 6 via Youtube


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