Dog owners are aware of how much their pets enjoy outdoor walks where they may play and explore. One of the best spots for them to visit is the park.

Studies show that dog owners are healthier than those without pets. Given how much time we spend right in front of the television, on the internet, and on our cellphones, this is not surprising. We are not physically active enough.

However, if we had dogs, we would be responsible for walking them. And as a result, we can certainly be more active and engage in the necessary physical exercise.

Golden Retrievers are energetic dogs. If you own one, you know how much energy they can really have. They will use their energy on something that will make us miserable if we do not take them for walks. All that energy they have should be used up during walks so that they would not have time for mischief or chaos.

Aside from being energetic, Golden Retrievers are also quite intelligent but they can also be quite stubborn at times.

A woman called Kristen Bohlsen was strolling through an Australian park when she observed a man attempting to coax his Golden Retriever to go back home. It was entertaining to her, so she decided to record it.

The Golden Retriever appeared to be enjoying the park so much that it did not want to go just yet. So no matter what the owner did, the dog refused to move.

What was even more amusing was when the Golden Retriever pretended to be dead. It collapsed and lay on the ground as though it had perished. The owner then attempted to get the dog to stand and walk, but his words fell on deaf ears. I can imagine how frustrated the owner must be at that time with his pet.

The video is extremely entertaining, all thanks to the legendary antics of this funny Golden Retriever.

Source: Kristen Bohlsen


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