Superman is a superhero and he is known for his ability to stop speeding bullets. In Arizona, there is a superdog and it was able to prevent a fast-moving snake from biting his owner’s leg!

Everyone in Arizona is aware of how terrifying rattlesnake bites are. The venom of a rattlesnake can induce severe pain, numbness, confused vision, and difficulty breathing.

One day, early in the morning, while hiking with her two dogs, a woman named Paula Godwin almost stepped on a rattlesnake. The rattlesnake naturally perceived this as an attack and retaliated by going for Paula’s legs and trying to bite her.

Todd, one of Paula’s dogs, instinctively guarded her legs when he perceived oncoming danger. However, as a result, Todd was bitten on the muzzle by the rattlesnake.

Paula transported Todd to an animal hospital immediately. Todd’s face had already swelled following the bite. To Paula’s relief, the veterinarian had an antivenin on hand and Todd was quickly given the drug.

Todd remained in the hospital for the remainder of the day for additional monitoring to ensure that there were no complications and that he was already safe. The dog, however, got a wound on the side of his nose because of the bite but he did not mind that at all. For him, anything is fine so long as Paula is safe.

Paula posted this entire thing on the Internet, and a large number of well-wishers reached out to Todd. People also praised her dog’s courage and prayed for Todd’s speedy recovery.

We may never know whether Todd knew how dangerous a rattlesnake bite is. Nonetheless, there is one thing we can conclude: Todd knew that his owner was in danger that day, and he did not hesitate for a second to rescue Paula.

What an incredible tale of true loyalty! Paula is fortunate to have such a lovable superdog.

Source: Paula Godwin


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