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A woman named Leslie was employed by Norcal Bully Breed Rescue, a non-profit organization renowned for its work with bully breeds. One day, she received a message about a newborn Pittie that required her assistance.

When Leslie first had the tiny puppy, she was aware that it would not be easy. Kane was categorized as a cleft puppy, meaning he required more care than the normal puppy.

Kane had to be carefully tube-fed every day and he had to stay in an incubator in order to survive. The small puppy was just larger than a container of Tic Tac candies and originally appeared to be robust.

When he was just between six and eight weeks old, his right eye was blind. The opposite eye was scarred. Leslie was uncertain as to whether Kane would become totally blind.

Kane had several difficulties eating on his own. He was completely uninterested in food and would get food strikes every few days.

After that, the puppy began to lose a significant amount of weight and showed no signs of physical progress. Leslie was becoming anxious until Kane surprised her one day.

The puppy started eating on his own and became visibly delighted when food was placed in front of him. Leslie understood that Kane must be getting better.

Kane grew more active and spent considerable time with the French bulldogs Leslie nurtured. Despite his small size, he always made his presence felt.

A woman named Melissa wanted to adopt Kane after hearing his story. Leslie consented and sent the dog to Chicago where Melissa lived via airplane.

Melissa’s first observation was that Kane required medical attention for his eyes. She brought the poor dog to the animal hospital for an examination. The physician advised that Kane immediately undergo eye removal surgery.

The procedure was successful, and Kane was significantly happier after. Kane’s endearing personality shone through as well, and he is fortunate to have found a home where he may live his best life.

Source: The Dodo


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