Yes, training dogs are responsibilities an owner should take on and accept as a challenge. To some, it’s like a fun activity and bonding moment between the dog and him. For some, it is a task that is bound to fail and is being pressured by the projected disappointments that are yet to happen.

Training dogs take time, understanding and patience. Of course, it is helpful to anticipate the fact that in order to be successful, bumps are necessary for an owner and his dog to experience but, not giving up and persevering until the dog is properly trained is the key to a successful activity. However, failures are bound to happen when something is not done to correct a wrongdoing. Listed below are some of the reasons why owners fail on training their dogs and solutions to address them.

The owner hasn’t experienced frustration or pain enough to motivate him to train the dog

This is one of the situations wherein the training has failed before its bound to begin. For example, you thought that his behavior of peeing inside the house is just a “puppy behavior” or that he’ll eventually grow into a mature dog soon. Or by simply giving excuses or reason as to why dogs continue misbehaving. If you can’t train your dog into behaving on a specific or appropriate behavior, maybe availing the services of a dog trainer can help. After all, misbehaviors will affect not only the dog but the household as well in the long run.

Conditional love

Before adopting a dog, make sure you are fully committed to providing him with what is best for his overall being. If you only keep him because of his certain characteristics, it’ll only delay what is inevitable. For example, you adopted a dog because he looked like your past dog and you’re looking for a replacement. That shouldn’t be a reason for adopting. The same goes with training a dog, you should be committed to seeing the results of the training whether good or bad. Dogs give love unconditionally, the same should go with the owner as well.

The link between a dog’s misbehavior and owner behavior towards the dog

An owner should keep in mind that a dog’s misbehavior can be traced and linked to the owner’s behavior towards him. It’s a case of what the owner should have done and what shouldn’t have done. For example, you see your dog drinking from the toilet. You know and you consider this type of behavior as an undesirable one. You could have done something to stop him from repeating it. Or, you can either take the time to discover as to why your dog resorts to this option. It might be that you forgot to replace water on his bowl or you forgot to fill his bowl with water and he is already thirsty.

No one-one-one or intimate sessions of training with your dog

Let’s be real. With the many priorities that a person could come across in his daily life, training a dog by himself seemed to be a waste of time. Dog sitters or bigger backyards seem to be an answer to a dog that needs exercise or training. But, the bond between an owner and a dog will never be filled with a sitter or an empty backyard. When you adopt a dog, make sure that you are committed to providing him with time and attention all throughout. It is unfair to the dog to be treated like he is worth something at first and then forgotten the next.


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