You go out for your daily run on your new running shoes. Everything was fine until suddenly you notice that there was something different with that last step you took. You look at your feet and there it is. You’ve stepped on dog poop. For sure you’ll be annoyed. I would be furious. I mean, what kind of dog owner leaves their pet’s poop just out there waiting to be stepped on by others? I’ll tell you, a very irresponsible one.

As pet owners, dog owners, or fur parents, whatever you call it, our responsibility is not limited to keeping our dog clean and healthy, with a decent place to sleep in. It is also our responsibility to clean up after mess that they create – and yes that include their poop.

What you need:

Poop Bags – These are designed to help you pick up and enclosed your dog’s drooping for proper disposal.

There are different variation of poop bags:

  • Scented and unscented – if you’re like me who has a sensitive sense of smell and cannot stand the stench of dog waste, you can choose to have the scented ones.
  • Printed or not – for the more artsy type, you can choose the printed once. They are cute. Not that the cuteness would make the poop less gross.
  • Biodegradable or not – for those concerned with the environment, there are earth friendly poop bags.
  • Thick or regular – the germ-freak that I am, I normally go for the thick ones.

Poop Bag Dispenser – this device is designed to help you carry and dispense poop bags more easily. Instead of holding the bags, you can put them in a poop bag dispenser that you can hang on your pants’ belt loops, or on the hand loops of your dog’s leash.

Scooper – this device will help you from getting your hands dirty, unless you are that clumsy of course. There’s a wide variety of scoopers that you can choose from. Choose one that you’ll be comfortable in handling. If you don’t want to use the washable ones, you can get the disposable ones. Some of the disposable ones already include a poop bag like the Okomatch portable and disposable dog poop scooper and bags or the Dispoz-A-Scoop. If you already have plastic poop bags, and would like a disposable scooper, there are also disposable scoopers that are made of cardboard.

Apart from being gross, dog’s poops can actually spread illnesses and unwanted and unhealthy organisms to other dogs and animals.

And please, don’t give the excuse that dog poop is a good fertilizer for the plants. They are not. Here’s the thing, if you leave your dog’s poop in a certain area, let’s say a grassy area or beside the plants on the walkway, other dogs will also want to poop on that same area. Dog’s poops carry nitrogen, and too much of that stuff can actually kill plants – including grass.

Don’t ruin someone else’s day by leaving your dog poop out there. Pick that up and dispose of it properly.


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