Originally bred to become a companion especially to an invalid, the Chinese Crested dog breed is the best when it comes to what they do. The breed is known to lie in bed for hours without moving a muscle. Unlike other dog breeds, the Chinese Crested doesn’t have the desire to go outdoors and run or play around. But they can jump tall fences and compete in agility if they have to. The breed is very friendly within their pack. They can be intensely social, but may not accept a stranger easily. However, once it has bonded with you, you will have a little stalker moving on.

Although the name suggests otherwise, the Chinese Crested is not from China. The breed is an exotic-looking animal that is grouped into two: the Hairless which only has hair on their head, particularly the crest area, the tail area or plume and feet. The second type is the recessive Powderpuff who has a full coat. Both types can be found in a single litter, however. Both types can have the same built – slender, finely boned that is both elegant and graceful. Although the breed is known to win Ugly Dog Contests, the breed is actually beautiful.

Having a high social drive, the breed is often described as friendly. But it is not an exception but rather more of a rule. The Chinese Crested is extremely sensitive and reactive which makes him a needy family companion. Although he loves and very devoted to you, he can be extremely ferocious to strangers. He is even known to bite people unless properly trained. Biting is a natural impulse in Chinese Crested, but with proper obedience training and early socialization, they can be trained to control the urge.

Contrary to most beliefs, the Hairless Chinese Crested does not need any sunblock or moisturizing lotion for that matter. In fact, substances that are indeed applied to their skin are known to cause skin conditions. The skin stays healthy if left alone. However, the breed needs a bath every once or twice a week. They are called Hairless indeed, but the ones who fall under this variant actually has lots of body hair. But most people are not prepared for how hairy a Hairless Chinese Crested can be, which can pose as a problem for more allergy sufferers. Hence, if you think you have allergies, it is best to consult your doctor before choosing the hairless variant or the Chinese Crested dog breed.


  • The Hairless variant should have their hair shaved. This is to keep their skin healthy. Some owners would reason out that they let it grow out to protect their dog from the cold. It does not really do much of a help. In fact, sweaters are a much better option.
  • Highly tolerant to heat, but no tolerance for cold.
  • Chinese Crested dogs may be highly sensitive to certain drugs, including vaccinations, cortisone drugs, and topical applications.

The breed originated from African and Mexican hairless dogs but was greatly reduced by the Chinese. Hence the name Chinese Crested. But today, the breed has become rare in China. Furthermore, it is unclear as to when the breed was introduced to North American but the first breed club was founded in 1974.


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