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It is generally accepted that our mothers are the best thing that has really ever happened to us. This is true even in the world of dogs, and this story is about a fuzzy mother dog that loves her pup very much.

This Shiba Inu has just given birth to a precious pupper. Because her human owner assisted her in giving birth, the newborn puppy was whisked away for a while to be cleaned.

The worried new mother did not appreciate that at the very least. She cried when her puppy was brought back to her, but became confused when it wasn’t placed next to her. Your owners simply admired her briefly, momma dog.

While the Shiba Inu waited impatiently, her owners took photos and videos of the newest member of the family. The gorgeous puppy had pink paws and a fluffy body, and we couldn’t help but swoon over it.

She extended a paw to her pup, indicating that all the time spent waiting must have taken a toll on her. This was done while she was looking at her owner, and it was the most apparent request of all. The gesture told her owner to give her back her adorable baby, and her eyes pleaded with him to act swiftly. There is nothing more satisfying than holding your baby, which is why mothers everywhere can relate.

Sometimes we mistakenly believe that mothers are overprotective, but it’s simply how mothers are wired.

Can you imagine a world without mothers to hold and rock infants? We were unable to, thank goodness.

This tiny pupper will grow up surrounded by so much affection from its mother. Because it has a mother like hers, it already has the advantage of living a wonderful life. You’re one lucky pooch!

If this Shiba Inu mother could talk, she would claim that she is the fortunate one. All mothers act this way because it reflects how they truly feel. We are simply delighted that you two will grow up together, so congratulations!

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