It’s not new to see canines wanting to feel involved in their hoomans’ daily activities. Dogs willingly engage in those activities if it means they get to spend quality time with their beloved fur parents.

Thus, a playful pup stays by a ping-pong table to subtly ask for fur dad to let him join the game. And, it looks like the doggo can’t continue waiting by the sidelines as it dashes to catch the ball when it falls off.

Dad, I want to play ping-pong with you.

In this adorable video clip, a man plays ping-pong in their entertainment area. Yet, the man isn’t alone as you’ll soon spot his canine buddy sitting next to the ping-pong table.

At first, you’ll think the dog only wants to see what Dad’s doing. But, as Dad carries on pushing the ball with the paddle, the pup can’t help but follow the direction the ball’s taking.

On and on the canine goes until it cannot shake off its excitement any longer. Without any warning at all, the eager pooch then jumps at the table in an attempt to catch the ball before Dad does.

Oops, sorry. I got the ball first.

With the way things look, the ecstatic doggo wants to play ping-pong with his fur dad. Yet, Dad’s so into the game as he refuses to let his canine buddy in on the current ping-pong round he’s playing.

But, the relentless canine makes another attempt at catching the ping-pong ball. The pooch then places its front paws on the table and tries reaching out for the ball with its snout.

Yet, as the ball’s moving too fast, the canine can’t catch the ball. Thus, the dog takes a few seconds to observe how this current round of ping-pong goes.

And, the dog’s patience bears fruit as Dad misses hitting the ping-pong ball with his paddle, making the ball fall off. Do you think the canine gets to the ball before Dad does? Select the footage’s play button below to see what the next scene is.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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