There will be times that you’ll need to contain your dog. Say for example, when you’re cleaning part of the house and you don’t want your dog in the same are you’re cleaning. Instead of keeping your dog in your room, or in the bathroom where he can potentially cause more chaos, you can simple have gates or pens whichever is applicable– of course, depending on the size of your dog.

Here are a few suggestions:

Pressure-mounted gate. This type of gate is held in place by tension. No tools required. It can easily be mounted and removed. This type is great for pet owners who needs gate to be moved around often.

Hardware-mounted gate. This type requires tools. The set normally includes brackets that needs to be attached to the wall or the part of the house where these will be installed. This type is best if you have large and strong dogs. They will not be to knock this down.

Free-standing gate. As the name suggest, this type can stand on its own. It’s not mounted by pressure and tools are not required either. You would want to consider a free standing gate if you simply just want to clock of an area – say a living room or kitchen. This type normally comes in extra wide variety and are very portable. You can use this type if your dog is not fond of knocking down or jumping over hurdles.

Exercise pen. This type is like an infant play pen. This will allow you to contain your dog in a certain space – even in the middle of a room or a yard. This are also often used by pet owners who has more than one dog in their house. This is also a great help when you’re crate training your dog, as the exercise pen will help you give your dog an extra space to lounge about outside of his crate. This is also great in keeping your dog from walking around while healing an injury, and keeping your dog from walking around the house right after a bath.

There’s a wide variety of options you can choose from. You always have to consider your dog’s behavior, strength, and size. If you’ve got a small breed dog who’s who likes to push, jump over, and  or knock down anything that come in her way, then you can’t have a free-standing gate – it just will not work out. If you have a lazy large breed who just like to watch things and lounge about, then yeah you can get a free-standing gate. If you have a large dog that likes to chew on things, you may to use gates that are made of metal or plastic.

Also you have to make sure you have the right measurement of the area you’ll be using the gate on, especially if you’ll be using a pressure-mounted and hardware mounted gate.

No matter which type you choose to use, make sure to slowly introduce your dog to the idea of being contained in an area to avoid any untoward accidents.


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