Two random dogs were wandering outside a fenced yard, gazing longingly at the fun-filled pool party inside. Soon, some of the partygoers noticed the two canines observing them. They approached the animals and determined whether they were strays or lost pets.

They found one of the dogs wore a tag, so the group decided to let the dogs in until they could contact their owners. The dogs were more than happy to join in on the party.

These two pups lucked out since the party they gatecrashed was thrown by a group of veterinary technicians. This group was no stranger to lost pets, which was why they knew to check the dogs for identifying tags to contact their owners.

Once inside the yard, one of the dogs immediately let loose and joined in the festivities. The other canine hung back and was more cautious and timid.

The friendly dog, a Golden Retriever named Stoker, was ready to party. He went around the yard, greeting everyone enthusiastically, and graciously accepted their pets and belly rubs. His German shepherd buddy hung back a bit, observing from a distance before slowly approaching the party.

A woman named Jennifer Motes, one of the partygoers, looked after the canine duo. She noticed how Stoker didn’t hesitate to have a good time, unabashedly begging for food and even stealing a couple of shoes. Eventually, he ended up in the pool lounging on an inflatable raft, surrounded by his adoring new friends.

He even managed to steal a few kisses! This pup knew how to have a great time.

Soon, one of Jennifer’s friends managed to reach Stoker’s owner. They learned that Stoker and his best friend were neighbors and that the two went off on their own in search of new adventures. They definitely found what they were looking for.


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Source: Jmotes (@jt2348) via TikTok


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