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In Oildale, California, residents observed a black dog roaming the streets. The locals witnessed the dog prowling the streets for weeks. It would seek shelter in the shadow of the trees, empty driveways, and other shaded areas.

Some local folks fed this dog. However, the dog would not allow anyone to approach it too closely. A few individuals even attempted to catch the dog, but it swiftly fled.

Being homeless, the dog lacked regular access to food and is constantly at risk of being struck by speeding vehicles.

A concerned individual chose to rescue the dog, which the residents of the area had already named Francis. He attempted to win over Francis by giving him food. His neighbors assisted him in luring the dog into a fenced-in yard. When the dog realized there was no escape, it leaped over the fence and raced away.

It had been several days before Francis returned to the area. This time, the dog was accompanied by another dog. It was a huge brown canine that appeared and sounded hostile. However, the same individual realized that the dog was simply terrified.

The guy chose to save this dog, whom he named Howard. As before, the man offered Howard food. In contrast to Francis, Howard was more accessible and quickly warmed up to the man. The man was permitted to touch Howard’s head as it ate food on the ground.

The man believed that the two dogs could both fit in his car. After the man opened the car’s trunk, Howard jumped in immediately. However, Francis paused and left again.

The man decided to take Howard home and return the next day for Francis. He intended to bring Howard along and try to persuade Francis to join them.

Upon arriving at home, he welcomed Howard inside his home, where they both slept soundly.

The next morning at dawn, the man prepared to go and secure Francis. Francis, to his astonishment, was standing on his driveway. The dog followed the trail of Howard’s scent.

This time, Francis entered the man’s home without hesitation.

Francis and Howard like playing in their new owner’s fenced-in backyard in their new home.

Source: A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue


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