While most dogs could comfortably sleep after making a handful of turns around their bed, some canines need a rather unusual routine so that they can doze off to sleep. For most pooches, this means going to bed with their favorite toy or blanket. But for this particular pooch, this means no sleeping until someone tucks him in.

Ever since Prince arrived at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, every night had been a struggle. Having been used to a warm home of his own, Prince needed more time to adjust to his new environment. He was too afraid to open up to the staff, maybe because of his experience with humans.

His previous owner gave him up to his girlfriend because he could not provide the dog’s needs any longer. Prince’s life at his owner’s girlfriend started okay, but when the two-year-old pit bull escaped on one of their walks, no one came to retrieve him from the shelter.

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The staff did their best to gain Prince’s trust, but the canine would stay in one corner and shake in fear. One time, one worker decided to tuck him in for bed, and they were all surprised by his reaction. He was more relaxed and comfortable, and in a matter of minutes, he was off to sleep.

As time passed by, the workers noticed how Prince’s behavior changes every time they tuck him in at night. So each night, someone makes sure the pit bull gets tucked in. They also had training sessions with him to ease his worries and fear of humans.

After some time, someone finally came to adopt the sweet little pit bull. Now Prince doesn’t have to worry about no one tucking him in at night because we’re sure he will be given more than just.

Watch his adorable nightly routine here.

Courtesy of Inside Edition


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