Every dog is unique. Each has its own way of showing what a good boy or good girl they are. They know tricks or routines that other pups aren’t able to do.

However, we got to admit that there are dogs that are way more talented than others. Some are stars of popular dog shows, while others excel in their professional jobs. But this particular service dog is, somehow, a combination of both.

Sadie is a 3-year-old German shepherd. She’s an incredibly sweet pup. She is smart and is equally adorable, too.

Besides being best friends with her owner, Sadie is also the service dog of Jameson LaTour. She alerts her of any medical issues that may arise and helps her feel more comfortable and relaxed whenever her anxiety attacks. But when Sadie isn’t on the job, she spends her time learning other skills. And, of course, tricks.

Sadie is a fast learner, said Jameson. Whatever it is she’s taught, she picks up right away. Thanks to Jameson’s hard work and consistent training, Sadie can do a lot of things. And every day, the clever pup amazes the people around her.

While Sadie enjoys doing almost everything she’s trained for, her most favorite thing to do is to practice giving CPR. Yes, that’s right! This adorable pooch learned how to perform CPR, at least a version of her own. Watch and see how Sadie gets into action here:

Although Sadie hasn’t completely mastered the said skill, landing primarily on the patient’s tummy for this matter, she clearly has a passion for doing CPR. And that certainly hits anyone’s heart. Besides, it’s her thought that matters the most.

For now, Sadie’s CPR skill is all for fun. But who knows? With an incredibly smart dog like her, it isn’t impossible that one day, Sadie would end up earning her CPR certification.

Credits to Instagram@Sadie and Stephen Messenger



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