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Many people would not choose to have a pit bull as a family pet. They are often seen as aggressive. But this is unfair because pit bulls are quite adorable.

A woman thought that it would be a good idea to have her pit bull meet a kitten. Some may think that this is a disaster waiting to happen but it would be great to read on and see what happened. Plenty of her friends told her that she shouldn’t do that because the pit bull can go and warm the cat. In fact, they told her to keep the kitten as far away from the dog as possible.

But this woman knew her dog and he wasn’t that kind of dog. She even described her pit bull as quite gentle and very sweet. These descriptions are definitely quite the opposite of the common stereotype given to the dog’s breed.

The pit bull was resting on the floor and the woman brought the kitten in. She put the kitten down near the dog and it found out that it liked the dog’s paws. So off the kitten went with brushing her paws on the pit bull’s. Maybe the cat was thinking that this would make the pit bull notice her.

But the pit bull just looked at her and what she was doing. The dog would also lift his paws a bit so that the kitten wouldn’t be able to touch it.

Many people thought that the pit bull would assume an aggressive stance and do some harm on the kitten. But it didn’t. It remained calm instead. Soon enough, the dog was wagging its tail which meant that it was liking what was happening.

If you want to see how the whole thing went, go ahead and click on the video below. You’d most likely love what you’ll be seeing.

Source: 1984missdaisy


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