It is amazing how an act of kindness can change one’s life. Any life form is essential, even a dog who only has a few weeks to live can be saved and have his life extended.

Meagan Pressman, a model who was traveling to Thailand for vacation, did not expect what she saw on the beach one day. What she saw broke her heart so much that she knew she needed to do something.

She saw a dog crawling on the beach while dragging its hind legs behind him. TheĀ legs seem to be dysfunctional as a result of a motorcycle accident that left his legs paralyzed.

The Canadian knew she can’t leave the dog like that and approached several rescue organizations to check what they can do to help the dog. Unfortunately, none of them were willing to help, and she knew she needed to take things on her own hands.

She wanted to bring the dog to Canada. Thanks to the online donations, Meagan was able to pay the fees needed to transport a special need canine into her country.

Due to Meagan’s living status, she is unable to take the dog in. Fortunately enough, a lovely woman named Jamie welcomed him to her home, and the once struggling dog is living a quality life.

Due to the generous donations of people that have seen his online page, he was able to get treatment and has his mobility significantly improved.

Since he has urinary problems that have no treatment yet, he continues to wear diapers like any other human baby. The dog who only had a few weeks to live is now looking at a couple more happy years.

Going the extra mile to help out is a reward in itself. Seeing that person or canine do way better in life than when you first saw him is a bonus.

Source Mega inspiring via YouTube


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