Rescuers of the organization “Howl Of A Dog” from Romania saved a newborn puppy abandoned on a sidewalk. When they found him, he was so tiny that he only weighed 160 grams and was almost as small as a person’s hand. Puppies can’t survive independently, so the team was fortunate that they arrived just in time before anything happened to him.

Since the rescuers didn’t know when the pooch was born, they considered the day they saved him as his birthday to keep track of his age. Usually, newborn puppies rely on and stay with their mothers until they grow and are fully weaned. Infant dogs are also very fragile, so taking care of them can be challenging even in the hands of experienced individuals.

When puppies are born, they are deaf, blind, and cannot maintain their own body temperatures, so that’s why they always stick close to their moms. To make up for the missing mother, they placed the pooch on warm blankets and always fed him milk from a baby bottle. Even though these puppies are delicate, they don’t give us headaches because they’re asleep most of the time.

Joy, the dog’s new name, slowly grew and turned into an active and healthy pupper as weeks and months passed by. The adorable pooch caught people’s attention, and in no time, a family from the Netherlands saw Joy fell in love with him. They reached out to Howl Of A Dog and told them that they would love to adopt Joy and raise him as their own.

The rescuers wasted no time to bring Joy into his new home, and neither did the adopters since they were so eager to meet him that they couldn’t wait another day. Now Joy is staying in the Netherlands with his hoomans and will journey with them throughout his life. Watch Joy’s story and its happy ending in the video below.

Credits: Howl Of A Dog


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