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Some dogs hate to see their fur parents leave the house without them. This is why they would look at their owners with sorrowful stares to convince them not to leave. This pooch named Lubu hates it when his best friend, Gabriel Nadler, would leave him alone. This is why the dog developed ways to make Gabriel stay with him at home. This includes causing so much fuss so that Gabriel would choose not to leave.

According to Gabriel, the dog’s extreme separation anxiety became a challenge for him through the years. The dog does not like to be left alone at home because he is afraid. Whenever Gabriel goes out, he would ask his girlfriend or mother to dog-sit the pooch. Whenever the two are unavailable, Gabriel would cancel all his plans because it would be impossible to leave the house.

Lubu became Gabriel’s pet since the pooch was left behind by his former owners at Gabriel’s care. It did not become apparent for Gabriel what the reasons were for leaving the dog. It only became clear to him that the pooch became a burden to the family because of his separation anxiety.

But recently, Gabriel found a way to cure the dog’s separation anxiety. This is through adopting another dog. The dog owner introduced Lubu to his new companion, Chewbacca. Ever since the two met, Lubu and Chewbacca became the best buddies.

When Chewbacca arrived, it was no longer difficult for Gabriel to leave the house. This is because Lubu already has a playmate he could spend the rest of the day. But more than this, Gabriel is pleased that the pooch found a cure to his separation anxiety. Lubu became an outgoing dog and began to be friends with other dogs in the neighborhood through Chewbacca’s help.

Credits to Gaiaisi – Gaia’s Eye – Gaia is I.


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