If you’re a pet owner, there’s a high chance that you’re guilty of taking one too many pictures of your pet. Sure, you want to document their growth and keep snippets of their day-to-day progress, but there are also instances that make you want to capture how photogenic they are.

This is something that Erico the Corgi’s furmom knows all too well. Erico, by himself, is already adorable. Once he starts doing his antics or dons those cute props, well, let’s just say his mom ends up being trigger happy. It helps that Erico’s mom knows how to take good pictures. They’re very Instagram-worthy.

The adventures of Erico

Erico’s furmom loves to take him with her wherever she goes. The thirst for adventure and new experiences is something that the adorable Corgi got from his furmom. He’s by her side most of the time, wagging his cute peach-shaped butt as he goes. He loves having his photos taken too! He’s always ready to flash his mom his big smile whenever she points the camera at him.

A dozen mini corgis

Aside from Erico, his furmom also brings a dozen mini versions of him whenever they travel. They make for excellent props to the photos since they look like Erico’s babies. The fluffy corgi doesn’t mind having his mini versions around, though. He loves them to bits and treats them as his younger siblings. In fact, gives his mom the biggest smile whenever she puts the mini corgis beside him.

The corgi influencer

Erico’s account on Instagram has over 50,000 followers as of writing. People love seeing pictures, whether it be his normal day-to-day routine or travels in different parts of the world. It’s a good thing his mom’s generous when it comes to sharing stories about their adventures. It gives his followers something to look forward to each week!

Credits to ericobear


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