Three years ago, a stray dog named Beakgu found herself in this grandmother’s house. She gave birth in that house, and the grandmother is kind enough to care for her puppies. The grandmother is not complaining because she likes their company.

The grandmother loves being with the puppies, but she can’t say the same thing for Beakgu. That’s because she never bonded with the dog. The dog refuses to be touched.

There are times that the grandmother wants to pet Beakgu, but the dog would always avoid her touch. This frustrates the grandmother sometimes. The grandmother has been nothing but good to Beakgu and her puppies. She does not understand why Beakgu is acting the way she is.

The grandmother thought that Beakgu would change her mind if she gives her a lot of treats. She thought that Beakgu would warm up to her. She didn’t. After all these years, but she never did.

It seems that Beakgu has her own way of showing her gratitude. When the grandmother would go out and do her errands, Beakgu would follow her wherever she goes. Beakgu would also guard her bicycle when the grandmother would go inside a store.

Beakgu won’t leave it until the grandmother comes back. People who have witnessed this act by Beakgu are fascinated. They are amazed by how Beakgu stays with the grandmother’s bike.

Beakgu shows her love and gratitude differently. She may not like getting hugs and kisses, but the grandmother knows that Beakgu is a loyal dog. She watches out for the grandmother in her own way.

There are different ways of showing that you love someone. Loyalty is one of them. That is what Beakgu has shown the grandmother all these years. As for the grandmother, seeing Beakgu and her puppies safe is good enough for her.

Source SBS TV via YouTube


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