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It was not too long ago when Britanny Taylor decided to adopt this Golden Retriever pup named Luka. He’s such a charming and adorable puppy, so she couldn’t wait to introduce him to all her friends and acquaintances. She got a chance when she went to her hairstylist—she couldn’t stop talking about her sweet little Lyka while getting her hair done.

Brittany’s hairstylist was so curious about Luka that she suggested bringing Luka along the next time Brittany visits the salon. Brittany was more than glad to oblige. Thus, the next time she came to the salon, she took Luka along.

Everybody at the salon was thrilled to see Luka, and they couldn’t seem to get enough of him. Luka was such a happy dog, and he seemed to know exactly how to entertain the people around him. Brittany’s hairstylist was more than pleased to have Luka around, so once she’s done with Brittany’s hair, she gave Luka a video shoot while getting a hair makeover.

In the video, you can see Luka getting excited as he sat on the chair while wearing his hair cape. Upon trimming his hair, the stylist couldn’t help but laugh at how well-behaved the cute puppy is. Other dogs would have probably run off upon seeing the scissors, but this little munchkin just sat still and enjoyed the makeover.

Brittany has never been more proud of having such a well-behaved fur kid. She uploaded Luka’s video on his social media account, and it went viral in an instant. Currently, it already has almost 10,000 views.

Brittany enjoys every minute spent with her beloved Luka. And whenever she finds the chance, she takes a photo or video of him and uploads it on his Instagram account, which now has around 4,000 followers. She sure is one proud dog mom.

Watch Luka’s adorable hair makeover in the video below.

Source The Animal Rescue Site via Instagram


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