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If there are beauty salons for humans, there are also beauty salons for dogs. One of the known salons in downtown Houston is the Emporium. This salon has a reputation for beautifying dogs to the best of their ability. This is why it came as no surprise when a stray dog in need of beautification came to visit the store.

But since the dog is a stray one, it became difficult for her to get the attention she needs. The pooch would wait for the employees to see her outside the salon. However, since the employees were swamped with work, the dog did not get what she wanted. The pooch eventually left and returned the next day. The same thing happened, so the stray dog continued with this routine for about a month.

After a month, some employees noticed the pooch. It was the time that the dog has been waiting for. Two of the salon’s employees, namely Erika and Sandro, went out to check on the pooch. When Erika and Sandro went near the pooch, they noticed the dog’s skin problem.

Since they knew that the dog was harmless, they fed her first. When Erika realized that the pooch is infested with a disease, she knew she had to help the dog. After the pooch finished what she was eating, Erika brought the dog inside the salon. The employee then gave the dog a warm bath so she could start treating the dog’s skin problems.

In a later interview, Erika said she did that because she pitied the pooch. Since the dog is a stray one, Erika named her Lovely. The reason for this is that the pooch is kind and lovely. Erika and the other salon employees would often feed Lovely whenever the pooch visits the salon.

Credits to World Animal Awareness Society.


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