When Wayside Waifs, an animal shelter in Kansas City, organized an adoption event, their main goal was to help their dogs find forever homes. They succeeded in hitting their target because of the fantastic turnout on the day of the event. They couldn’t help but tear up and smile as they watched every single dog leave with their new families. Well, except for one.

By the end of the event, Kenny was the only dog left at the shelter. He patiently waited for someone to come in at the last minute and adopt him, but nobody showed up. Everyone working at the shelter were surprised when they realized that the poor thing had not been rehomed.

The dream pet

The shelter staff doesn’t know much about the fur ball’s past. They only met him when folks from the shelter he used to stay at transferred him to Wayside Waifs. They were told that the shelter was overcrowded, so they opened their doors to poor Kenny.

It only took them a short while to get him to settle in. He easily got along with the staff and other canines at the shelter. He was friendly, energetic, and playful that’s why the shelter tagged him as “the dream pet”.

Lonely no more

Being left all alone at the shelter didn’t dishearten the happy-go-lucky pup. This, however, did not stop the staff from finding his forever home. They posted his story online, hoping that someone out there would be interested in becoming his fur parents.

Hours after posting Kenny’s story, the shelter received lots of applications from interested parties. After scrutinizing each application, they finally found the perfect family for the adorable pooch!

The fluff ball could not stop wagging his tail when his adoptive family came to pick him up. While it saddened the staff to see him go, they were thrilled to see him leave with his forever family.

Credits to Woof 


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