Dog rescues are subject to changes in weather. These missions proceed regardless of the weather condition. Even a storm cannot stop it, especially if a dog is in great danger.

Eldad Hagar, Lisa Arturo, and Loreta Frankonyte responded to an emergency call Hope For Paws received. According to the concerned citizen, a stray pit bull gave birth 48 hours ago. The call came as the worst storm in Southern California raged, so they knew they’re facing a big challenge.

Eldad, Lisa, and Loreta drove 3.5 hours to get to the dog’s location. Once there, they searched the dense brush in the rain. After a few moments, Lisa found the pooch on a makeshift den under the bushes.

Eldad cautiously broke through the brush and slowly crawled towards the mother dog. To gain her trust, he offered her food. The mama dog stayed with her babies, protecting them while cautiously looking at her rescuer.

Eldad put a Lucky Leash on the mama dog to make her more comfortable. He did not want her to be overprotective once he tries to get her babies. Eldad knew the quicker they save the pups, the better, as they want to avoid getting stuck out in the storm.

Eldad cautiously reached out to grab one of the puppies. The mother dog did not stop him, so Eldad slowly and surely continued getting the pups one after another. After the eighth pup, the mama dog slowly got up and seemed ready to go too.

The rescuers successfully got all the dogs out of the brush and into their vehicle. They drove straight to the hospital to dry off and check on the pooches. The storm knocked the power off at the hospital, but finally, the rescuers and the dogs are safe from the rain.

Eldad and the others named the mama dog Rainbow and her seven pups Thunder, Breezy, Misty, Raindrop, Flash, Bolt, Stormy, and Droplet. After getting out of the hospital, the family continued their new life and went into foster care. Rainbow and her pups now wait to find their forever home as a family.

Credit to Hope For Paws


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