Being a mother is not an easy task. This is also true for dogs and cats. Both are social animals and have different social rules on how they raise their babies.

The basic instinct of dogs is to survive is to fight for it. This is a common social rule taught when they are still puppies — fighting their way with their siblings for the right to nourish on their mother’s breasts to get milk.

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This is entirely different from the cats. Everything is about harmony. The kittens share the nourishment from their mother’s breasts or take turns. Therefore, they will be able to feed peacefully and avoid disrupting each other’s feeding.

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There are also similarities between the dogs and the cats. It is a maternal instinct to be affectionate and protective towards their babies. They licked the bodies of their babies to clean the remaining wastes on their bodies upon birth.

They also take care of their babies until they can walk on their own. They protect them by either biting or scratching the outsiders. But there are also exceptions to some of these rules.

There are times that the mothers abandon or reject them after birth. It may be sad, but sometimes it happens. BBC featured a video showing a puppy belonging to an unusual family.

In the video, the cat licked the puppy’s body and let her join in with her kittens. It was the same day when her mother abandoned her when a pregnant cat gave birth to her kittens. With the cat’s maternal instinct, she instantly adopted the abandoned puppy like her own.

As the video continues, you can see how the puppy struggles to get her way with her new siblings, and disrupting the supposed peaceful feeding. Even though there are things that the puppy needs to learn about the social rules of cats, the cat accepted her unconditionally.

You can watch the cute video of the unconditional love of a cat for a puppy:

Video Source BBC via Youtube


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