Meet Sadie, a German Shepherd mix with a strong will to live. She kept strong despite being shot and left in a plastic bag with broken legs.

In Tulare County, California, a field worker saw a trash bag moving and investigated it. Soon, he realized a dog was inside the bag. The poor pup’s back legs seemed broken and had some bullet wounds.

Nearby the area, a woman named Robin Reed Galvan came to the scene to help. Rescuers gave the pup water and food and reached out to animal services to pick the dog up. And from there, an animal rescue organization called Dogwood Animal Rescue offered to take the rescue dog in.

The rescue organization named the miracle dog Sadie. They have also been posting regularly on Facebook regarding updates on Sadie’s condition.

After being examined by the vet, the pup turned out to be suffering from three broken legs after sustaining gunshot wounds in her leg and shoulder. Thus, Sadie is receiving surgery, with only one leg per operation, so she does not have to be on anesthesia for so long. It will take right around 10 to 12 weeks for her to recover completely.

According to Galvan, she was happy to see signs of hope. She said this story is an excellent reminder that we should be aware of our surroundings. If no one noticed the moving trash bag, Sadie might not have survived. Thus, we have to watch out for animals who may need our help. Even a small deed can lead to great things, such as saving a life.

If you want to help with Sadie’s medical care, as well as other rescue animals, you may donate to Dogwood Animal Rescue. Each donation is of great help and can change the lives of dogs in need.

Credits to Dogwood Animal Rescue Project


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