To solve problems efficiently, one needs to think of a creative method to address them. Even if it means thinking outside the box, one should exhaust all means to solve the problem.

As such, it’s quite entertaining to find that a fur parent managed to turn its Shiba Inu’s shed fur into the dog’s newest friends. Though the pooch’s still quite bemused with its newfound friends, it seems the dog doesn’t mind making new friends at all.

Look, Mom! I have new friends!

In this original video, an adorable Shiba Inu lies comfortably on their living room floor. As the pooch prepares itself for nap time, he notices that there are other “animals” lying with him on the floor.

It turns out, this cute Shiba Inu’s experiencing some seasonal shedding. And, as a dog’s shedding creates a massive mess on the floor, the Shiba Inu’s fur parent came up with a creative idea to put the fur into good use.

Mom then shapes the shed fur into four furry dogs, all of which assume various positions around the Shiba Inu. Seeing these “dogs,” the Shiba Inu can’t help but take a look at them to make sure they’re real.

I love them, Mom!

At first glance, the Shiba Inu’s skeptical about the whole idea of having new dog friends in the house. The dog quickly glances at Mom, as if it’s trying to ask for some form of reassurance from Mom that everything’s fine.

When the dog gets the encouragement it needed, the Shiba Inu then relaxed around the other “dogs” and lay down on the floor. It seems this Shiba Inu need not take its afternoon nap all alone as it now has other furry friends to accompany it.

Amazed with the creative idea that Mom made to make good use of the dog’s fur? If you still can’t get over it, then click the video link below to start the video roll.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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