Internet users have gone crazy with the Dogs vs. Fake Death challenge. Linda, who happens to own a golden retriever, joined the bandwagon.

Kobe is the name of Linda’s companion in her joyful home in Miami, Florida.

She was curious about what might be her dog’s reaction upon seeing her having a forged passing.

But the hound must have sensed that the occurrence was just a play. So he ignored the lady and did a funny thing instead.

Linda staged some scenes to see Kobe’s response with her being unconscious.

Kobe saw everything as his mom approached him in their pantry. This screenplay was seen in a video recording Linda uploaded on her Instagram account.

At first, the dog stared at his mom while she is acting as if she’s gagging on the snacks inside her mouth. Pretending to be in pain, she then fell on the carpeting floor.

After a few seconds of wondering what’s happening, Kobe did something that Linda did not expect.

The pooch snuffled all over his owner’s body, eventually stealing the snacks clutched in her fingers.

After swallowing the biscuit, he sniffed again into Linda’s physique hoping that there’s more left for him.

Kobe’s parent expected some hug, comfort, or panic while she’s passively lying on the ground.

But after all the drama, the dog didn’t even bother to show some care over Linda’s fake death. It was because the dog was too focused on the biscuit held in his owner’s hands.

So Kobe then just strolled away from Linda. He ignored his mom’s act of playing dead on their kitchen floor.

The Instagram post obtained so much feedbacks.

Viewers adored the dog’s recording, so they tried creating stories out of the incident.

An observer commented that the dog was way more interested in the possibility of having more snacks hidden in his owner’s possession.

Someone also kidded that if someone else’s mom tries to fake a death, mission one is to steal some food from her.

Another also added that indeed dogs are intelligent creatures. Maybe this is the reason why Kobe was aware of Linda’s fake death plan.

Video Credits: englishgoldenkobe on Instagram.


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