The majority of dogs are known to have the following traits: loyal, obedient, intelligent, vivacious.

However, they have one more noticeable feature that distinguishes them from other pets – their undying ability to make people smile. And it’s this trait that makes dogs even more special.

That’s precisely what this male puppy who lives in Brazil demonstrated in this short, but delightful, clip. He’s seen being carried by mom, and at her prompting, proceeded to howl.

At least, that’s what this little one tried to do, but he failed miserably. And why? Well, because while dogs are known for their howling abilities, the little guy demonstrated that he’s quite new to this.

He tried and tried, but it’s his failure to make a perfect howl that made the short clip more humorous than anything else.

His voice cracked in all the wrong places, but this fluffy furball didn’t let that deter him.

He tried again, and again until he couldn’t anymore. We guess all his efforts drained his batteries, so to speak, and we couldn’t get enough of how adorable he made it look!

While some may also be bothered by how he failed to get his point across, we couldn’t get enough of him. We could say that this little guy is more entertaining than most pets out there.

Mom continued to hold the little guy as he threw his head back to howl earlier up to when he ran out of batteries. What a supportive and loving mom, and we’re all for it!

You’re a lucky little doggo, and we hope you’re aware of that. Don’t worry, pet, you gave it your best, and that’s all that matters.

We’ll be cheering you on when you get stronger and more trained in this skill. For now, take a well-deserved rest after your hard day’s work!

Credits to ViralSnare Rights Management via YouTube


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