Dogs are some of the most helpful animals that any person could have. With their eager nature, our canine friends assist their fur parents in any way they can.

As such, it’s not surprising to see a charming Great Dane attempt doing some grocery delivery. However, as the grocery item he’s about to deliver’s a unique one, the dog needs to use a more creative method to haul it in successfully.

Okay, Mom. I’ll handle this.

In this incredibly funny video, a pack of paper towels lies innocently on the tiled pavement. At first glance, you’ll think that somebody accidentally dropped the paper towels on the ground.

However, a spotted Great Dane named Mikey soon approaches the pack with his fur dad. By the looks of it, Dad purposefully placed the paper towels on the ground for the Great Dane to pick it up.

Without further ado, Mikey sniffs the package that Dad doled out to him. The excited pooch then attempts grasping the paper towel pack with his mouth.

Ahh, forget about it. I’ll deliver another one.

But, it seems this delivery task’s harder than it looks as Mikey struggles to get a good grip on the package. As there’s no handle, Mikey needs to find a way to grasp it without damaging it.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, Mikey tears the plastic wrap enclosing the paper towels. One by one, the Great Dane pulls out the paper towels to deliver them by piece to their home.

Mikey’s unique paper towel delivery ultimately made his fur parents laugh. But, they didn’t stop the pooch from making a mess, allowing him to carry on with the task as he sees fit.

However, Mikey soon runs out of enthusiasm despite his sister Ellie offering some help. Mikey then saunters towards their storage shed to look for another item to deliver.

Do you think Mom and Dad convinced Mikey to resume his delivery task? Make sure to watch the entire video until the end for you to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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