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This dog named Eastwood is treated as a unique pet. This is because the red-coated Labrador Retriever did not have the best childhood. The pooch experienced maltreatment from his previous owners, so it was hard for him to be friends with others. Fortunately, volunteers from the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society came to rescue him from an abusive environment.

After the pooch got rescued, the volunteers introduced him to the shelter’s veterinarian. The vet examined the pooch and found out that the pooch is partially blind. Apart from this, the vet likewise saw that the pooch had a genetic deformity that affected the dog’s rear leg.

The dog’s blindness got cured because it was only mild, but the dog’s rear leg problem became a struggle for him. Despite this, the dog found a way to deal with his deformity. At the shelter, the volunteers adored the pooch because he was so sweet. What this proves, the volunteers said, is that abused dogs could still be reformed.

When the pooch was ready, the volunteers let Eastwood attend a statewide adoption event. The gathering was called the Empty the Shelters. It seeks to have all dogs at shelters be adopted in one day. However, Eastwood did not find his perfect match during that day, and no one applied to take him. This left him heartbroken again, and the volunteers knew how he felt.

This is why the volunteers worked hard to find the dog a potential adopter. They posted on social media regarding what happened to the pooch. The post became viral and grabbed the attention of Stan Van Gundy, a famous basketball coach.

Without thinking twice, the basketball pooch decided to adopt Eastwood for good. Stan said that he has been raring to adopt a pooch, and he believes Eastwood is the best dog suitable for him.

Credits to Funky Smile.


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