BARCS Animal Shelter is a nonprofit rescue organization that operates in Baltimore. One day, they received a call about a pit bull that was hit by a car.

When the group’s rescue teams arrived to retrieve her, she was barely moving. They took her back to their facility, and a medical team immediately assessed her condition.

They were able to stabilize her condition, but she would need more surgery. Sadly, they felt that the dog would never have the same quality of life despite all the treatments that they could give her.

Another good thing that came out of being taken to a vet is that they found a microchip with her owner’s information. A phone call later revealed a tragic story.

Butter Bee

A shelter employee called the registered phone number and got in touch with the mom of the dog owner. She is a sweet lady named Virginia who lived in Baltimore as well. When they told the retiree about finding their dog, she became ecstatic. The canine had been missing for two years.

Then the senior lady told the shelter employee that the pooch named Butter Bee was adopted by his son, Jonathan.

Butter Bee, previously named Elyria, was adopted by Jonathan from BARCS seven years earlier. He was a dog lover and had rescued three dogs. Tragically, the kind young man died, and Virginia took the dogs in. She said he wanted to honor his son, and the pets helped her with her grief.

Help from the community

Although Virginia was overjoyed to have Butter Bee back, she couldn’t afford to pay for her treatments. She needed emergency surgery to repair multiple jaw fractures and reconstruct her face. Thankfully, the word spread that she needed help, and generous people started donating money.

Butter Bee got her operations, and it was a success. When the pooch was well enough, she returned home to Virginia.

Source: BARCS Animal Shelter via Facebook


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