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Dogs with disabilities need a patient and loving family, who can provide them with not only comfort and care but also support so they can live their life to the fullest. That is why those who are considering adopting a disabled pet must have a definite purpose in why they want to do it. Otherwise, they’d better choose one without a disability from the very beginning.

This dog named Maui has been through three different owners before he finally found a forever home. A deaf-from-birth puppy, Maui thought she’d stay in the shelter forever because her previous owners claimed she was “untrainable.” But her new owners proved them wrong, and she could not thank them enough for taking a chance on her.

Maui’s new dad trained Maui to learn basic commands through hand signals. Now, she already knows how to sit, stay, and come to her dad whenever her dad tells her. She also knows that when someone touches one of her legs while sleeping, it means she’s being woken up.

Maui’s dad found Maui’s progress surprising. So, he decided to share it through social media to inspire other owners of deaf dogs. While training a deaf-from-birth dog is challenging, its result is more rewarding not only to the owner but also to the disabled dog.

A lot of people praise Maui’s new owners for adopting and training Maui. They were happy that Maui finally got a family who loves her unconditionally. The deaf dog had been through so much already, so she’s lucky that she met these kindhearted people.

But Maui’s new owners think that they are actually the lucky ones. Maui brings them so much joy and teaches them new lessons in life day after day. Because of Maui, they’ve learned to be more patient and appreciate life more.

See Maui’s training progress in the video below.

Source The Animal Rescue Site via Instagram


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