Dogs love to see their human companions smiling. They’ll do whatever they can to please their owners and make them laugh, even if it means doing crazy acts to get their attention.

However, for a particular dog, finding her baby sister’s tickle spot serves as an effective method of making her laugh.

Come here, you little cutie!

In this short video, one can see an adorable baby girl named Jaylen sitting comfortably in their living room. Not far away from the baby is their family dog named Brodie. At first, Brodie contentedly sits beside his little sister and allows her to touch his nose.

Perhaps, Brodie thinks Jaylen’s touch means playtime, so the pooch comes closer to the baby. Brodie didn’t waste any minute and started licking the girl’s stubby hand.

Hey! You’re tickling me!

Brodie’s licking brought Jaylen into a giggling fit. It looks like Brodie found the baby’s tickle spot as every lick he makes sends Jaylen shrieking with laughter.

The hysterically laughing baby can’t help but hold on to the pooch’s body for support. Perhaps, the tingling sensation the dog’s gesture produces almost makes Jaylen lose her balance.

Despite this, Brodie continues licking, refusing to stop for even a second to allow Jaylen some room to breathe.

Is that all, my friend?

What seemed an eternity of laughter’s coming to a stop as Brodie halts with his hand licking. As the pooch resumes taking his earlier position, the baby can’t help but release a sigh that sounded more like disappointed rather than relieved.

But, what looked like the end of a fun tickling session is just a breather as Brodie quickly resumes licking Jaylen’s hand. As soon as the pooch does this, the baby can’t stop giggling.

However, when baby Jaylen couldn’t take the tickling any longer, she lowers her head on the pooch’s head, signaling for Brodie to stop. But, do you think the dog heeded Jaylen’s request?

If you’re dying to find out the next scene, click the play button on the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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