When soldiers return to their homes from combat, it’s challenging to adjust to changes and a new life. And this is particularly true for veterans. They’ve lived through inconceivable circumstances. Unfortunately, civilian society can overwhelm them, and everyday activities may seem impossible.

As most dog lovers already know, dogs are a great source of comfort. They help lift our moods and heal our hearts. They also help army veterans return to some normality.

Fortunately, non-profit organizations such as Rebuilding Warriors honor veterans with sociable and highly trained service dogs. They pair these pups with veterans from all military branches. The veterans are usually amputees, those with a traumatic brain injury, or those experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. Aside from veterans, the organization serves first responders as well.

Recently, the organization paired one army veteran with a new fur friend. Sergeant First Class (SFC) David McCoy enlisted in the army as an infantryman in 1995. Afterward, he completed One Station Unit Training in Georgia. He also served in Operation Enduring Freedom. SFC McCoy’s deployments sent him to several countries worldwide. Aside from serving overseas, he had lots of duty stations in the US. Because of his sacrifices, this veteran deserves something in return.

Rebuilding Warriors honored SFC McCoy with a service pup named Daphne. The veteran felt overwhelmed with gratitude upon meeting his new companion and best friend. Thanks to this service pup, our veteran will surely help him live a happy life, especially during retirement. SFC McCoy is grateful to the organization and considers them top-notch.

The non-profit organization continues its mission and helps other veterans find the companionship and unconditional love they deserve. For interested people who want to help them change our heroes’ lives, they can donate by visiting their website. It would be nice to know that more veterans out there are with their beloved service dogs.

Credits to Rebuilding Warriors


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