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Everyone is aware of how inquisitive our canine companions are, particularly when it comes to food. When canines are presented with a tasty treat, all good manners are forgotten, and they appear to be spoiled children.

However, one fur parent will need to practice training her beloved Bulldog again after it failed the famed “Leave it” challenge in a very hilarious manner. To pass the challenge, the dog may need to learn to control its appetite first.

Brix, a brown-furred Bulldog, rested on a chair in this amusing yet endearing video. The animal appeared to be staring blankly at the glass table in front of him at first glance.

Soon, Brix sensed footsteps approaching where he was. The vigilant doggo then checked his right side to see what’s going on.

Mom came up behind Brix and placed her hand on his shoulder. Mom then handed the dog a cube of wonderful cheese and told him not to touch it as she set it on the table.

Brix was then subjected to the “Leave it” challenge by Mom to see how well he does in the area of obedience. However, the Bulldog began sniffing at the cheese even before Mom has finished placing the tasty food on the table.

Mom then removed the cheese, causing Brix to follow her hand. Mom then repeated her instructions to the hungry dog before attempting the challenge again.

Brix craned his neck to reach out for the cheese, just like he did earlier. Mom was perceptive and she instantly stopped the dog, repeated her instructions, and stepped back to officially begin the challenge.

However, as soon as Mom left the room, the impatient doggo rushed up to the delicious cheese and devoured it.

What do you suppose Mom’s reaction was when she saw the table was already empty? View the video clip in the link below to learn more.

Source: Rumble Viral


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